“Cidadania participativa e ações sustentáveis"

Socialism has gone.

From time to time humans creat systems that will help the crowd remain in this planet a little longer.
Usually there is a system and a counter system, something like yin and yang. Socialism was oposed by Captalism for many decades, until it finally colapsed due to its lack of sustainability.
It seems Yang got stronger, so strong that after finishing its oponent it it started to destroy itself.
Davos, is a small town in switzerland with a little over eleven thousand people, that is holding the World Economic Forum. Population increased into some 5.000 well dressed ladies and gentlemen.
The top leaders are gathered together to face reality, or Wealthy concentration like we never had before on this planet.
Poverty is getting to the heart of Capitalism, wich will now be leaded by someone who is completely out of the curve. One of system's garbage.
China is ready to respond commercial war, Europe is packed with immigrants running away from misery, Brazil and Argentina are in a deep recession. Venezuela is no more what a nation can be. Japan and Scandinavia are having negative population growth, Curruption and Crime are
attacking from South to North. Stock of virgins is running out in Paradise.
Money is flowing into one direction only. Bad sign.
Here in Brazil we can still produce food to supply large parts of the World, but, will their leaders afford to distribute it ?
Yin is growing again, not in a form of Socialism, but in a form of hunger. People is dieing of starvation next door to US$10,00 meal restaurants.
What comes next ?

               Portinari's Emmigrants, 1944

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